Focus on keeping yourself warm, not your house

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No one wants to sit in one room under a heater all day or be faced with a ridiculously large gas/electricity bill at the end of winter.

One great tip to reduce those heating bills is to focus on keeping yourself warm, not your house.

Some environmentally friendly options are:

  • Woollen underlay blanket (or even another blanket or doona under the bottom sheet)
  • Flannelette sheets
  • Hot water bottle
  • Rice/Wheat Bag
  • Thick patchwork quilts

But with these options you are usually still sitting around.

Another good idea is to layer up your clothes to reduce you need for contantly heating.

But the best option is a duvet suit.  Now you could try and make your own from duvets or sleeping bags but we have taken the hard work  out of it for you.

Try our Lazypatch Duvet suits.

Our duvet suit is simply a duvet made into a Jacket and pant, with the aim of replicating the feeling you get when snuggling up under your cotton duvet – Soft, Warm and Cosy – but it also offers the ability to be mobile so you can keep that feeling and still get on with your normal activities.

Check out our Lazypatch online store and the awesome colours available.  We deliver worldwide.



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