MyBusiness: Is the “Duvet Suit” the Snuggie of 2011

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Lazypatch featured in MyBusiness: Is the “Duvet Suit” the Snuggie of 2011 who said that the Duvet Suit” appears to be this year’s viral piece of dud winterwear.

MyBusiness: Is the “Duvet Suit” the Snuggie of 2011

Want to stay warm this winter and keep abreast of weird internet advertising memes? If you answered yes to either question, you need a Duvet Suit.

In 2008, a very curious product arrived on the market: the sleeved blanket.Made of cheap polar fleece, the sleeved blanket was designed to warm you up when sitting on the couch during winter.

So-bad-it’s-good promotional videos like this Snuggie commercial helped the ugly blankets to go viral. The joke is still going strong today. Seach for Snuggie on Twitter and the mentions stream in at a few a minute. Your editor can reveal he bought a nasty Snuggie clone, the Cuddlee and while it was quite warm, it wasn’t good for domestic harmony.

Hence our excitement when, over the weekend, we noticed the “Duvet Suit”, which appears to be this year’s viral piece of dud winterwear.

The product seems to be a kind of ski parka and pants made of track suit material. The manufacturers aren’t entirely candid about the padding, and just why it makes you so warm. But as you can see in the shot of Duvet-suit-wearing dummies below, it sure does look warm…ish.

So does the price: $130.

But that hasn’t stopped some of our friends coveting the new winter warmer. It’s already been cited as ideal clothing for cycling nuts rugging up to spend all night watching the Giro D’Italia or Tour de France.

Have you spotted any other crazy winter or made-for-TV products? And what does it say about marketing that something this ugly can generate so much interest?





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