We love wearing our Lazypatch while cooking!

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Nothing better than coming home from a job, slipping into the lazypatch and cooking up a feast, instant relaxation and comfy feel. The man of the house just loves those lazypatch pants!

A cold day calls for a specific type of dinner – something simple and hearty, that leaves you feeling warm and contented when you push your chair back from the table at the end of the meal. This man definitely knows how to cook to please and in lazypatch relaxed style.

Step into one of our Lazypatch suits and you can think you are in bed cooking dinner. Now that sounds like bliss!

Our Lazypatch suit is simply a duvet made into a jacket and pant, with the aim of replicating the feeling you get when snuggling up under your duvet.

The best thing is that it also offers the ability to be mobile so you can keep that feeling and still get on with your normal activities. It provides 3 times the warmth of a pair of tracksuit pants and a baggy jumper, or 6 times warmer than a blanket with sleeves (you know what we mean!)

Check out our Lazypatch online store and the awesome colours available. We deliver worldwide.





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