Are you an Ice Hockey fan?

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Here’s what Made Man had to say about being a spectator at an Ice Hockey game!

‘Watching Indoor Ice Hockey can be a unique experience. Keeping warm while watching a hockey game is essential to enjoying the game of hockey. The arena must be kept at a certain temperature in order to keep the ice from melting. Most ice hockey rinks are kept at a temperature around sixteen degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the ice is kept hard enough to skate on.’
Here are some tips on how to keep warm while watching an Indoor Ice Hockey match:

1. Dress in layers – we recommend wearing the jacket of a Lazypatch Duvet Suit on the very top layer for that extra warmth!
2. Purchase a a Hockey Jersey – wear this under your Lazypatch Duvet Jacket to show your support!
3. Wear mittens or gloves!
4. Wear a hat!
5. Drink hot drinks

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Article source: Made Man




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