De-stress in a lazypatch

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Does the cold weather get you down, make you feel miserable. At Lazypatch we are all about de-stressing and taking time out from our busy lives, getting home and changing into our warm and comfy lazypatch suits but still mobile to be able to go about our chores.

Our suits are great for travelling ‘to and from’ times when the weather is cold.

Dr. James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Blog reports on cold weather stress.

Cold weather puts stress on the body, which can lead to various metabolic changes, including suppression of immune function. Even a brief exposure to cold results in increased levels of stress hormones and a number of changes in the immune response. However, by either choice or necessity, many people find themselves not only exposed to winter cold, but having to exercise or do physical labor in cold temperatures, escalating the stress on their bodies.

For the full article go to Dr. James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Blog

Don’t suffer being cold , get a lazypatch suit.

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