Going camping/music festival. Don’t leave home without reading this!

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Dr Chris Brown tries out our lazypatch pouch suit in the blue mountains. Sleeping warm is one of the factors that can make or break a cold weather adventure. Remember the body cools down during sleep and the blood is drawn from the extremities (feet and hands) to the center or core of the body, so proper insulation must be provided to prevent heat loss.

To stay warm and get a good night’s sleep on your next camping or backpacking trip our lazypatch suits and pouch suits make ideal outfits to keep you warm and keep you mobile as well. Need some more advice about sleeping when camping check out 20 Tips on Sleeping Warm in the Outdoor.

We like to think of our pouch suit as not just a winter warmer but an all seasons mobile bed!

Next time you go camping/caravaning or to that music festival, think of the lazypatch Pouch Suit.

  • Canvas feet allowing for outside wear when leaving the tent/caravan. Or showing off to your mates at that music festival the morning after.
  • Large flap to allow easy access and also help control the temperature.
  • Side leg zips to allow extra air flow when things get too warm.
  • Built in Mittens – unzip to release your hands.
  • Hood and elastic drawstring to keep the weather out and your head and face toasty warm.

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