Had a Winter baby?

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Had a Winter baby?

Lazypatch Duvet suit is a great option for sleepwear especially on those nights when your newborn won’t settle and you are up and down settling them all night. Make life easier and go to bed wearing your suit so all you have one less thing to worry about each time you get up. Your heating can be lowered also as you and your little one will be nice and warm snuggled under your Lazypatch suit!

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  • I had a baby at the end of May and my lazypatch duvet suit is a godsend. Very easy for feeds and super cosy for both Alannah and me. She loves having cuddles with the jacket wrapped around the two of us. Keeping nice and warm during the night also helps me get back to sleep more quickly. I love my lazypatch. If I’m going to be up at ridiculous hours of the night, I may as well do it in style!.

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