Anyone suffer from chilblains?

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Anyone suffer from chilblains? One recommendation by Podiatrists is to keep your whole body warm rather than the extremities. Our lazypatch suits are idle for rugging up the whole body. Rug up in a lazypatch suit and  and boots/slippers. Your body will love you.

About Chilbrains

Cold weather and poor circulation bring an increased risk of chilblains: patches of red, swollen and itchy skin, usually affecting the toes, fingers, nose and earlobes. The elderly, sedentary, teenagers and people with medical conditions, such as anaemia, are most susceptible.

Symptoms: An uncomfortable burning sensation and intense itching, which in the most serious cases can result in ulcers. Symptoms worsen with sudden temperature changes.

Treatment: Podiatrists recommend you avoid scratching, use a lotion from the pharmacist to soothe itching and keep your whole body warm rather than just heating the extremities.

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Source: 10 winter health hazards



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