Get to know lazypatch – Why not a Onesie?

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Hello all lazypatch fans.

I thought I’d write the odd blog post so you can get to know the creator of lazypatch and how my mind works in designing the suits and adding new products.

I sit here in my Duvet pants on the couch and thought my first blog would be my reasoning behind doing a two-piece rather than a Onesie.   There has been a bit of a Onesie pyjama craze going on, especially in the UK, and I’ve had a few emails asking why I don’t do one.

When I came up with the Duvet suit design I actually put in a lot of thought about this.  The jacket and pants are both designed long so that there was cross over around the waist – that way it is a little bit like a Onesie and makes sure you don’t get the dreaded cold air blast between jacket and pant when sitting down.

There are also a lot of shortfalls to a Onesie.  1. If you get too hot you have to take a Onesie off, you can’t just take the jacket or pants off.  Sometimes people just want to where the jacket or pants.

2. If you want to go to the toilet you have to take a Onesie off – and please don’t start me on the bum flap at the back, this is disgusting and not something I would design into my product.

3. You can wear a Duvet jacket outside.  I’ve heard of people wearing a Onesie down the street but really is it outside wear??

4. Onesie’s are usually just cotton or polyester pyjama’s and when trying to stay warm you usually wear it under a blanket or duvet on the couch.  The Duvet suit is 3-5 times warmer than these products.  The same as the Snuggie, it is just a cheap polar fleece blanket – lazypatch is 5 times warmer.

The whole aim of what I designed was to keep you warm and comfy and try to replicate the feel of the duvet off the baed, but also add some practical uses and allow movement around the house, in the car, down to the shops etc.

I did enter the Onesie market with the Pouch Suit, but this is for extreme relaxing, or to take camping, when checking the waves etc.

I hope this gives you a little insight into how my mind works and answers some of your questions.  Remember that Mother’s Day in Australia is May 12th.

Many thanks




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  • yes, um, does your onesie have a way to relieve one’s self?

    • Sorry I never replied.
      The Onsie (pouch suit sleeping bag) has zips that go right down the sides. I don’t have a bum flap as I don’t believe in these.

      Feel free to call me on 0412541179.


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