How do you like to wear your lazypatch?

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Apologies I haven’t blogged for a while – very lazy of me!!


One of the most common questions I’m asked is about the sizing of the Duvet/Doona suits.  The sizing chart can be a little confusing ( but the best advice is for women to go by the women’s sizing and men go by your jeans measurement and the normal jumper you wear that is loose.

That said, how you want to wear it is a personal choice.  Some people like if nice and baggy (how I designed it to be – see me in the original prototype photo) and others like it a bit more fitted.  The suits have the room already built into the measurements so that they are like pulling the doona/duvet off the bed and wrapping it around yourself.  I myself  wear a size bigger as I like it really loose and baggy. I also love the extra long legs and sleeves to cover my hands and feet.

When deciding on size try and think about where you want to wear it. It wasn’t originally designed to go outside the house but I get a lot of responses from customers telling me they wore it to the footy, camping, to the snow or even when going to hospital.

With the colours I also have people choose the dark colours because they think they will dirty it – my response is “will you be intentionally pouring food allover yourself?”

If you do have any questions then please ask – you can contact Jonathan on or 0412541179






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