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I keep receiving great feedback from customers and the public about how they use their lazypatch Duvet/Doona Suits. Boots and Pouch Suits (onesie sleeping bags).  I’ve used this info for an upcoming segment I’m doing on TVSN (TV shopping channel) and thought I’d include some of this info to help inform future lazypatch fans, as I’m still asked all the time – ‘Why would I need a Duvet Suit”.   My simple answer is “Why wouldn’t you? “

The Duvet Suit wasn’t designed as fashion but for warmth and comfort, although I see people out and about in the jacket with a pair of jeans.  The kids also have sizes for them all and the Pouch Suit (Onesie sleeping Bag ) has added uses for camping.

The uses are:-

– Great for saving on heating costs (reduce carbon footprint)
– People with arthritis or illness – I get cancer patients buying before they go to hospital, elderly, females feel the cold a lot more.
– Great for new mums when having to get up to feed
– Playing video games,
– Wearing to sport or the gym
– Surfers – when checking out the waves – they don’t have to leave bed!
– Camping
– Up at the snow after or before skiing
– Walking the dog in the morning
– Students in cold accomodation
– It’s versatile. And WARM.
– -Wearing to watch the Comm Games – Aussie green and Gold

And it’s not just for winter. Last summer I had friends for dinner on one of the 40 degree days. The night ended up being chilly after such a hot day and we all ended up in our doona jackets. Perfect for those days when you think you might just pop the heater on for an hour to take the chill off the air – no need.

I have customers with beach houses or farms that have bought several and keep some hanging up for guests to wear.

You will be amazed at how warm the suits are and because you can mix and match the jacket and pants they can be worn more than just in the home.

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