Valentines Day – A Duvet Suit might not scream romance but it has it’s benefits

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lazypatch’s Duvet Suits might look a lot sexier after you read this!

Valentines Day is only 2 weeks away (Guys don’t forget!!) and it got me thinking about the odd comment I see on our facebook posts:-

“No romance in one of those things”!  The more cynical of people think this way and obviously don’t own a Duvet Suit. Several years ago “Mistress M” road tested a Duvet Suit to see how it could help in the romance department.  You  can view this video below but be aware it’s a little raunchy (please don’t view if under 18 or easily offended).  I’m going to out outline the more PG benefits:-

  1. The Duvet Suit provides warmth and comfort when you get to relax on the couch.  GUYS, your partner is more likely to feel like “cuddling” if they are warm and relaxed. It also enables you to turn your heaters down or even off. A Smaller heating bill is sexy to me and less financial stress always helps to relax me. It might also stop those little arguments that your partner has the heat to high or too low – always a romance killer.
  2. The large pocket on the chest is perfect for slipping in your partners favourite chocolate treat or a box of headache tablets!
  3. Unlike a Onesie the Duvet Suit is a jacket and pant enabling you to remove just the top or bottom if the mood takes you. If running from the bedroom to fetch more strawberries  the jacket is there to keep you rugged up in your duvet.
  4. The Double zip on the duvet jacket enables temperature control (you can unzip from the bottom or the top) if the mood is getting hot. The Duvet pants come with quick release drawstring and elastic waist – say no more.
  5. The hood, keeping the head warm and also adding extra padding when lying back, is detachable. Should you want to give your partner a shoulder massage simply remove the hood.
  6. The arms and legs are designed long to cover hands and feet when relaxing. The feet are covered but also easily accessible to give your loved one a foot massage.

If all this has helped and you are now having to do late night baby feedings, either partner can quietly slip out of bed, put on their duvet suit and remain in Duvet comfort. The Double zip is also fantastic for breast feeding mums, keeping both mum and baby warm.

I’ve had many females walk past the office, wave and yell out that they were in my Duvet Pants last night and couldn’t be happier!!

(Duvet = Comforter = Doona = Quilt)





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