lazypatch Duvet Suits and their Uses – customer feedback

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The Original duvet suit prototype being tested back in 2006.

The Original duvet suit prototype being tested back in 2006.

Nine years and lazypatch Duvet Suits are an international hit with our customers.  I thought it was appropriate to have a look at the many and varied uses of a Duvet Suit and Duvet Boots based on customer feedback over this time.

Being a Uni student back in 2005 living in a freezing house, and liking my couch time, the idea of being wrapped in Duvet goodness and still being able to move about resounded warmly with me.   When lazypatch launched in 2007 the ideal target market was thought to be young males 16-29. Couch potato’s watching TV or playing Xbox – straight from bed to the couch!   I originally joked that you could use a Duvet Suit to re-enact the opening snow scene from The Empire Strikes Back, but feedback and testimonials showed that I had created a product that was more than just a bit of fun.

Have a read of the Duvet Suit reviews (scroll down on page)

  • Saving money on heating costs.  Customers are continuously letting me know how surprised they are at the warmth of the Duvet Suits and have been able to turn their heaters down or even off. Turning the heater down 1 degree can save you 3-4% on your heating bills.
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint.
  • People that have conditions that make them feel the cold (like Arthritis and Cancer) email me raving that the duvet suit is the warmest item they have worn and no longer have to layer up in clothing.  Elderly people really feel the cold and love them.  One email I received really touched me and made me realize that the Duvet Suit really can make a difference:-“Jonathan, I just wanted to send you a big thanks. Your Doona Suit was a god send for my husband in the last 3 months of his life.  His cancer treatment meant he was always cold and once he put on his doona suit he felt instant warmth. You really did improve his quality of life. Thanks again for your customer service and rushing the suit to us. ”  Julie.
  • Women are now the main demographic as they generally feel the cold more than men. Guys are buying them for their partners so they can turn the heaters down.
  • New Mums – The Duvet Jacket has the double zip that allows you to unzip from the bottom and open up the jacket, allowing for easy breast-feeding.  The Duvet Suit is also perfect for mums and dads to slip on for late night feedings, staying warm and not waking the other partner.
  • School drop offs, pick ups and wearing while watching kids sports and events.
  • Unlike a Onesie or Snuggie the duvet suit is mobile and practical. If heading out you can wear just the jacket with a pair of jeans and remain in perfect warmth. No need to take the whole thing off if going to the toilet or if you get too warm you can mix and match.
  • Gifts – Each year Mums are treated to Duvet Suits and Duvet Boots as Mother’s Day gift and the response I receive is amazing. People let me know that this gift got the best response ever.  Birthday’s, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day……..
  • Surfing – checking out the waves on a cold morning? No need to get out of your Duvet. Perfect for when you get out of the freezing waves.
  • Walking the dog in the morning.
  • Suits for friends – Customers are buying multiple suits to keep at home, beach houses, farms etc for when they have guests. It’s always a conversation starter when everyone is rugged up in Duvet Suits.  Even in summer when the nights get chilly – don’t take the party inside, rug up and keep the good times rolling.
  • Pre and Apres Ski –
  • Uni Students – when up late studying or living in cold housing or Uni accommodation.
  • Camping or fishing – the suits are perfect for around the camp site or even to sleep in.
  • Kids that kick the covers off – not originally designed as PJ’s I have parents let me know they are fantastic for kids to sleep in.  Kids love them for wearing to and from sport and events – especially swimming lessons when leaving and it’s a freezing night.
  • After work comfort wear – The biggest response I hear is that the duvet suit is now their favourite piece of comfort wear to throw on when they get home for work.
  • De-stressing – Everyone deserves some Down-time to recharge the batteries. Turn the phone off, put on your Duvet Suit, find your lazy”patch” and do what relaxes you.

lazypatch (n) – that place you like to go and hide/relax when you want to escape the stresses of the world. From the words lazy       (to relax) and patch       (your favourite turf/place)

lazypatching (v) to lie around in warmth and comfort and de-stress.

If you have any feedback or photo’s that you’d like to send through please email to  and remember to visit and please keep spreading the word.

(Duvet Suit = Doona Suit = Comforter Suit = Quilt Suit)




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