How to use your suit

Lazy days on the couch. Waking up on those freezing cold mornings or returning home from work on those dark dreary nights – throw away those old tracky dacks and baggy jumper.

Save the environment – turn the heater down 2 degrees (or off) and Reduce your Emissions

Take it camping or on those weekend get aways.

Save on heating bills – I know, I lived in a house with concrete floors and heating cost a fortune – in the end I turned the heat off and just wore my lazypatch.

This is a must for uni students living out of home.

Purchase one for your parents – their circulation isn't what it use to be!!

No need to get out from under the quilt while leaving the couch (great for those quick toilet breaks!)

Pretend you're in the opening snow scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

It's the perfect gift for Mothers Day, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays. What could be more unique than a suit made out of Duvet!!

The suit can be stored away as a pillow – throw another matching pillow case over the top and keep on your bed during the warmer months.

The jacket is perfect for the early morning dog walking, or watching the kids playing sport

For all those guys with partners that feel the cold and have the heater on at 100 degrees – this is the answer!!

It's not just a winter item – think of those cold summer days when you don't want to turn the heater on as it could be 40 degrees the next day.

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